Public API

The Sorcery: Contested Realm public API allows developers to access card data. This API is subject to change at any time and is rate limited to each user. It's not designed to be used by external applications to interact with data. We recommend intermittently polling it, diffing the response against your last import, and hosting your required data yourself. If you find a problem, please report it in the #curiosa-io discord channel.

Card images are not included in the data output. We do not permit others to use our private CDN distribution for serving images. Instead, you can find all released card images in the publically available image folder. The naming pattern is reproducable from the raw card variant data - `[slug]-[product]-[finish].png`. The booster product and standard finish are defaults that don't require anything. e.g. Apprentice Wizard Booster Standard is just `apprentice_wizard.png`.

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